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Cooperation with industry

Industry Cooperation Department

The Industrial Markets Department of WĘGLOKOKS S.A. operating within the Industry Cooperation Department focuses its commercial activities on cooperation with the hard coal mining sector and the energy sector, however, the wide range of goods and services is addressed to customers from various industries.

For more than 30 years, WĘGLOKOKS S.A. has been supplying a wide range of materials, machinery and equipment for mining industry, as well as providing services to the mining and other industrial sectors, including financial leasing services of industrial fixed assets.

Recently, WĘGLOKOKS S.A. develops commercial activities in the field of modern energy technologies, especially in the field of energy storage.

The Industrial Markets Department of WĘGLOKOKS S.A. also supplies heating oil for the energy sector.


Cooperation with the mining industry

The Mining Industry Cooperation Section of the Industrial Markets Department supplies a wide range of materials, machinery and equipment for the mining industry, and also provides mining industry services, including financial leasing services for mining machinery and equipment.
We offer:

  • supply of materials for the mining industry, including the supply of magnetite, flocculants, rollers, cables, high-pressure hoses, conveyor belts, mining chains,
  • supply of machinery and equipment including: supply of powered roof supports, conveyor belts, scraper conveyors, feeders, fans,
  • financial leasing of industrial machinery and equipment.

Sales of liquid fuels

The core activity of the Liquid Fuel Sale Section is the delivery of heating oil for the power engineering sector. Deliveries are made under the excise duty exemption procedure or with excise duty and are based on:

  • liquid fuel trade concession,
  • authorization to operate as an intermediary entity holding the excise number PL33100002505 issued according to the decision of the Head of the Customs Office in Katowice.

Our offer :

  • heating oil with a density below 890 kg/m3,
  • heating oil with a density above 890 kg/m3 and sulphur content below 0,4%,
  • heating oil with a density above 890 kg/m3 and sulphur content below 1%.

Energy storage facilities

The Industrial Markets Department of WĘGLOKOKS S.A. develops its offer of modern energy technologies, mainly in the area of energy storage.

In cooperation with the Polish manufacturer, we offer battery-based energy storage systems (both high-voltage for industrial applications and low-voltage for household applications), including those integrated with photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources.

The basis for the production of energy storages are energy cells of a world renowned manufacturer, of which we are a direct importer.

The most important benefits of using industrial energy storage are:

  • stabilization of the power grids operation,
  • flattening of the power demand curve (lowering costs or no need to invest in increasing the connection capacity),
  • increasing the self-consumption of energy produced from renewable energy,
  • ensuring greater independence and energy security (use of stored energy during periods of interruptions in energy supplies).

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