Our offer

Coal and fuel

Our Capital Group operates in the field of trading in hard coal in deliveries outside Poland and on the domestic market. In addition to trading in coal, the Department carries out i.a. reloading, transport and storage services and also control and measurement services for the needs of WĘGLOKOKS S.A., companies belonging to the WĘGLOKOKS Capital Group and external customers.

Cooperation with the industry

WĘGLOKOKS S.A. is a long-term partner of the Polish mining industry in the supply of a wide range of materials, machinery and equipment for the mining industry.By working with leading producers or suppliers, WĘGLOKOKS S.A.guarantees the reliability and timeliness of delivery and full service.


Logistics Department WĘGLOKOKS S.A. has many years of experience in planning, implementing and controlling the transport of bulk goods such as coal, coke, iron ore, biomass, steel products, feldspar and other goods. Our comprehensive logistics service is aimed at customers in the domestic and foreign markets. With experienced staff, we guarantee professionalism and high quality of services