About us

The mission of WĘGLOKOKS S.A. is to cooperate with the companies belonging to Capital Group in the execution of the Group’s development strategy and also to build the segment of recipients by offering them suitable, high-class product, services and solutions while maintaining the top quality of services and environmental priotection.

We have a clear vision …

Until 2023, the WĘGLOKOKS Capital Group wants to be among the leading polish capital groups in the following segments: distibution of raw materials, metallurgy, power engineering and logistics in terms of profitability and growth dynamics.

WĘGLOKOKS S.A. is a strong brand associating a companies from a mining, metallurgy, power engineering and Logistics sectors. It is also the largest exporter of power coal, logistics and commercial operator in Poland. The WĘGLOKOKS brand has been a synonym of reliability and top quality for almost 70 years.

The company was established in 1951 as the Foreign Trade Company (Centrala Handlu Zagranicznego), focused on the export of hard coal. At present, our coal is delivered mainly to the European Union countries, but the markets of North Africa and East Asia are increasingly being explored. The company’s activity on the Polish market incudes: trading products for metallurgy, supply of magnetite and flocculating agents as well as trading biomass and liquid fuels for the energy industry.

WĘGLOKOKS S.A. which manages the rapidly growing group of companies is one of the largest companies in Silesia with an emphasis on innovation and new technology.

1. Foreign trade

  • export of hard coal – power coal, sized coal and coking coals;
  • import of coal, magnetite and biomass;
  • goods logistics using maritime, rail, inland waterway and car transport.

2. Activity on the domestic market

  • trading metallurgical products;
  • magnetite, flocculating agents and mining material supplies;
  • trading liquid fuels for power industry;
  • coal sales.



31 December the state company named Centrala Handlu Zagranicznego “WĘGLOKOKS” was established on the basis of the act of foundation.


The dynamic development of Polish coal export is dated to that year, mainly due to the broadening of the commercial offer of Węglokoks with coking coal from Rybnik Coal District.


OPEC suspends trading petroleum with countries supporting Israel. In the United States the price of an oil barrel jumps by 600%, Węglokoks lives through its … “golden period”.


the amount of the coal we exported exceeded 40 million tonnes per year. In the next years, it was still growing, reaching the record number of 43 million tonnes in 1981.


in the record year of coal sales, we changed the seat, moving to the towers at Mickiewicza 29, designed by Georg Grucića. They were the highest office buildings in Katowice for many years.


Węglokoks was transformed into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury. The difficult time of struggle to maintain the market position in new conditions came. The following years have proved that the battle was won.


We started to form the Capital Group, taking a holding of 96.99% of shares in Huta Łabędy in Gliwice. It was also the start of forming the holding, connected with the chain of values – its projected results open a totally new perspective for us.


Consolidation of the Węglokoks Capital Group, whose main scope of activity are: mining, metallurgy and power engineering.