Logistics Department

Logistics Department WĘGLOKOKS S.A. has many years of experience in planning, implementing and controlling the transport of bulk goods such as coal, coke, iron ore, biomass, steel products, feldspar and other goods.

Our comprehensive logistics service is aimed at customers in the domestic and foreign markets. With experienced staff we guarantee professionalism and high quality of services.

Our offer :

  • railway and road transport,
  • maritime and inland waterway transport,
  • transport of oversized cargo,
  • handling at sea ports and land terminals,
  • storage of bulk and small goods,
  • comprehensive customs services.


Railway transport


The offer includes:


  • domestic and international cargo transport,
  • full-train transport and transport in single wagons,
  • intermodal transport: rail-road and rail-sea,
  • selection of the best rolling stock,
  • transport of neutral and dangerous goods (RID),
  • comprehensive handling and warehouse logistics,
  • transport of oversized goods,
  • monitoring of shipments,
  • service of customs formalities,
  • insurance.

Maritime and inland waterway transport


The offer includes:

  • comprehensive shipping service, from freighting a ship or barge to storage, reloading, weighing and document service,
  • organizing the transport of bulk goods,
  • organizing the port and terminal reloading,
  • cooperation with the largest shipowners and maritime and inland shipping agencies,
  • customs clearance at seaports,
  • insurance arranging,
  • Professional guidance and counseling in the field of maritime transport and inland waterways.

Car transport


The offer includes:


  • domestic and international FTL and LTL transport,
  • transport of neutral and dangerous goods,
  • transport of containers,
  • transport of oversized cargo,
  • selection of the optimal transport,
  • full control and monitoring of transported loads,
  • counselling in the calculation of transport rates and the selection of the optimal transport route.


Our activities in seaports


Działalność w portach Gdańska, Gdyni, Szczecina i  Świnoujścia  prowadzimy za pośrednictwem naszej spółki INTER BALT Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Gdańsku i Szczecinie.


The basic offer of INTER BALT Sp. z o.o .:


  • comprehensive forwarding and logistics services related to maritime and land  transport,
  • services in the field of agency ship handling in seaports and shipyards,
  • brokerage services in concluding contracts for chartering ships for the transport of goods,
  • counselling and brokerage related to international trade.



Our storage site in Ostrów Wielkopolski


Basic data:

  • impervious surface approximately 42 hectares
  • concreted area of about 6 hectares,
  • own railway siding – 5 tracks, total track length 8,500 m,
  • storage site area – a rectangle dimensions- 2000 m x 200 m,
  • capacity of storage yards about 1.7 million tons,
  • specialized equipment and devices – incl. 80-ton wagon tippler, conveyor belts, rail stackers, grab excavators, bulldozers, wagon scales,
  • modern analytical and diagnostic laboratory.


The offer includes:


  • reloading and storage of bulk goods and oversized cargo,
  • bulk goods – coal, coke, biomass and other raw materials in bulk,
  • oversized loads – logs, concrete rings and steel products,
  • segregation, crushing, screening, mixing and packaging services.

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