One of the primary values that lead us in our everyday operation is Partnership.


In business understanding, we associate Partnership strictly with professionalism in commercial relationships, we would also like it to be seen as support of our financial capital, which we accumulated during all the years of activity and this capital can be the chance for restructuration and development of Polish mining today. Most of all, Partnership means for us the responsibility for the local community in Silesia. We are a partner of this community, reliable not only in the times of economical growth, but also in difficult periods of recession and crises. The sense of security is as important to us as the performance of established plans and business objectives.


We have been a part of Katowice, Silesia, the society of this district for over 65 years.


Following the idea of Social Responsibility, we perform the support programs for people, institutions and organisations working for the protection of health, culture, education, sports and recreation. We financially support hospitals and hospices. We are a partner of the most important cultural institutions in the region; we perform support programs for the Silesian University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and University of Economic in Katowice. We support the research institutes and academic environments with our knowledge, experience, skills and capital. We also support the local Silesian communities among which we grew up, became stronger and stronger - with whom we are connected not only by history and the present times, but also the common purpose - building better future. The residents of Katowice and Silesia as well as of the macroregion and the whole country could many times see that the successes of Węglokoks turn into their own success, and it is all due to - as our current motto says - Węglokoks is the SOURCE OF POSITIVE ENERGY!