WĘGLOKOKS is the largest Polish coal exporter, which have been operated on the global markets for 65 years.

The company was established in 1951 as the Foreign Trade Enterprise, focused on the exports of hard coal. Coal export is currently one of the main company activities. At present, our coals are delivered mainly by land, above others to Germany, as well as to Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. WĘGLOKOKS S.A. also deals with coal, magnetite and biomass import In the field of foreign trade, our Company is also engaged in imports of coal, magnetite and biomass. The company’s activity on Polish market incudes: trading in products for metallurgy as well as trading biomass and liquid fuels for the energy industry.

According to the approved Strategy: maintain the leading position in coal export, diversify our commercial activity as well as develop and strengthen our operations in mining sector.

According to the approved Development Strategy for the years 2010-2015, WĘGLOKOKS S.A. is creating a strong corporate group based on three pillars: mining, metallurgy and power engineering. The WĘGLOKOKS Corporate Group includes, e.g. HUTA ŁABĘDY S.A. with the seat in Gliwice and subsidiaries GK Huta Łabędy, HUTA POKÓJ Capital Group with the seat in Ruda Śląska, Węglokoks Kraj sp. z o.o. in Piekary Śląskie with KWK Bobrek-Piekary, Węglokoks Energia Group, Polska Grupa Górnicza, Inter Balt Sp. z o.o in Gdańsk and foreign commercial branches: Polske Uhli (Czech Republic), Polkarbon (Austria) and Węglokoks Scandinavia.

WĘGLOKOKS S.A. is also the largest shareholder in Górnośląskie Towarzystwo Lotnicze (GTL S.A.) which operates the Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice.




Important dates


31 December the state company named Centrala Handlu Zagranicznego “WĘGLOKOKS” was established on the basis of the act of foundation.


The dynamic development of Polish coal export is dated to that year, mainly due to the broadening of the commercial offer of Węglokoks with coking coal from Rybnik Coal District.


OPEC suspends trading petroleum with countries supporting Israel. In the United States the price of an oil barrel jumps by 600%, Węglokoks lives through its ... “golden period”.


the amount of the coal we exported exceeded 40 million tonnes per year. In the next years, it was still growing, reaching the record number of 43 million tonnes in 1981.


in the record year of coal sales, we changed the seat, moving to the towers at Mickiewicza 29, designed by Georg Grucića. They were the highest office buildings in Katowice for many years.


Węglokoks was transformed into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury. The difficult time of struggle to maintain the market position in new conditions came. The following years have proved that the battle was won.


We started to form the Capital Group, taking a holding of 96.99% of shares in Huta Łabędy in Gliwice. It was also the start of forming the holding, connected with the chain of values - its projected results open a totally new perspective for us.