Corporate Social Responsibility in WĘGLOKOKS S.A.


WĘGLOKOKS S.A. perfectly understands the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility and has been carrying out activities related to it for many years. Nowadays, the world economy requires the companies to operate comprehensively and flexibly, and their development should not be limited solely to achieving economic goals.

Therefore the mission of WĘGLOKOKS S.A. is to ensure a high degree of diligence and care in the company’s activities at every level i.a. in: services, trade, production, including dialogue with a local community and with a care for the environment and sustainable development.

 The activities of CSR in WĘGLOKOKS S.A. can be seen in:

  • undertaking various support activities for local and regional community,
  • subsidizing the various organizations  and exercising patronage of their activities,
  • acting for the benefit of the public e.g.: supporting the development of culture and cultivating a regional tradition, regular cooperation with government, local government, organizations, associations and informal groups of the local community,
  • involvement and development of the local community by creating a jobs, education of children, youth and adult,
  • stimulating physical activity in local community,
  • supporting science and education of specialists in the mining, metallurgy and power engineering industries,
  • generally known charitable and philanthropic activities targeted at thematic areas related to mining, metallurgy or power engineering,
  • care for the natural environment.